You will notice that you don’t have to sacrifice your useful time to begin practicing this meditation.

To begin with (bedtime, waking up, waiting, traveling, under stress )

Bedtime: When you wish to sleep, begin practicing the ‘segment’ mode. When you feel sleepy, switch to the ‘counting mode’. When even more sleepy, switch to the ‘feeling’ mode. If you wake up in sleep, practice the segment mode again and get back to sleep. No more sleep problems!

Waking up: On waking up, practice the ‘Tip mode’ or ‘Segment mode’ till you leave the bed, This will charge your calm battery before the daytime stresses begin to bother you.

Practicing every day while getting into sleep, when sleep is broken and while coming out of sleep, will make this meditation a part of your daily routine.

Home: While doing routine activities like cooking, cleaning, gardening, the mind wanders. Focus on a few breaths periodically, to bring the mind back and reduce stress.

Waiting: We feel restless when we wait, like waiting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for the computer program to load, standing in a line, sitting at the doctor’s office These are wonderful times for meditating and getting relaxed!

Traveling by Car /Bus /Train/Plane: Practice your choice mode, eyes closed, for a fatigue-free journey.

Driving: When waiting at a stoplight, don’t watch the moving vehicles or read the signs on them. Instead, keep staring at the red light and count your breaths, till it turns green. Time passes easier. ‘Call it Stop Light Meditation’!

Under stress: When angry, anxious, panicky, or in pain, use the ‘911 mode’ till you get some relief. Alternate ‘911’ with other modes till the stress eases.

When the initial practices are well set (walking, workplace, chronic pains, exercise, meditation)

Walking: First, develop this habit while walking slowly. During the in-breath, feel the coolness inside the nose. During the out-breath repeat counting the number, matching each count with a foot touching the ground, till the out-breath ends.

Keep walking during the in-breath without counting. For example: Walk while breathing in. During the first out-breath, say one…one…one, matching with three steps. Breathe in again while walking. During the out-breath, say ‘two…two…two…’ so on. Breathe in again while walking. During the out-breath, say ‘three…three…three…’. Repeat this in cycles of three breaths. After some practice, walk at your normal pace. In a few weeks, you can practice even while running!

Workplace: Practice whenever you walk in the parking lot or the hallway. Whenever your mind wanders, you feel tightness in any part of your body, or feel stressed, practice your choice mode for a few seconds to break out of the stressful state. Use a part of the lunch break for breathing meditation. Before leaving the workplace, practice for a few minutes to shed the stress, instead of carrying it home and blowing up on the family.

Chronic pains: Practice at bedtime routinely. Before breakfast or dinner, lie down on your back, on a carpeted floor. Cover yourself if you need to. Keep your legs spread out with a cushion below the knees. Keep the hands by your side, palms up. Practice the ‘segment mode’ for 20-30 minutes and extend it gradually to an hour. Follow up with gentle stretching. Do this daily to reduce the pain meds.

Exercise: Practice the ‘counting mode’ or ‘feeling mode’ on the treadmill. When doing weights or resistance training, breathe out during the strenuous movement and breathe in during the easy return movement.

Meditation: When you are motivated, begin to meditate. Sit cross-legged on the floor or on a chair with a flat and firm seat, placing a cushion thick enough to raise your hips about an inch over the knees, so your back automatically assumes a healthy inward lumbar curve. Practice the ‘Segment mode’ or ‘Coherent breathing’ for 10-20 minutes. Meditating twice a day, before breakfast and bedtime, will boost your immunity to all kinds of stress.

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